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Chhabil was served by Sharma Sweet Shop Barapind

In the memory of Guru Arjan Dev JI on the occasion of Ekadshi
Barapind Monday 05-06-2017 (Boota Singh)

Today, at main road, opposite Canara Bank, Bara Pind, a chhabeel of cold sweet water has been served in memory of the martyrdom of Guru Arjan Dev on the occasion of Ekadshi.

The people going to the main road were served cold sweet water.

Satinder Kumar Sharma, Balwinder Kumar, Bunty, Babba, Deepa, Gogi, Manhar, Rahul, Ashni and Yuvraj were there.

Tent for this purpose was offered free of cost by Balbindera Tent House Bara Pind.

Barapind Printing Press VPO Bara Pind

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