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Rs 25-25 thousand was offered to the student of 10 + 2 class

Barapind Thursday 15-06-2017 (Boota Singh)

A cash prize of Rs 25-25 thousand was offered to the student who came first from the 10 + 2 class of the Government Secondary School (Girls) and as well as Government Secondary School (Boys) Bara Pind by S. Nirmal Singh Sahota son of Late S. Shiv Singh Sahota Patti Mane Ki, Bara Pind at present residing at Selma, California, USA along with family.

Lovepreet Kaur daughter Dharam Pal and Smt. Tiratho Resident of Dhuleta of the student of 10 + 2 Arts of Government Secondary School (Girls), deserves this amount due to the holding 1st place in the school obtaining 420 marks out of 450 marks and 93% of total marks. It may be recalled that she failed to make the place in the Board's merit list due to a reduction of only one point. It is worth mentioning here that Lovepreet Kaur has joined Mukandpur College for further studies.

Lakhwinder Sandhu, son of Sadhu Ram and Mrs. Harjinder Kaur resident of village Kang Jagir students of 10 + 2 Arts of Government Secondary School (Boys) was eligible for this amount because of his first position in school obtaining 293 marks out of 450, 65% of the total marks. According to the information received, Lakhwinder Sandhu making idea to do further studies of B. C. A. But till today (June 15), he has not enrolled in any college.

S. Nirmal Singh Sahota had accompanied his son Ravinder Singh Sahota and grandson Singh Saota on the occasion of the visit to Government Secondary School (Girls) Bara Pind. His grandson had organised a workshop on the topic of education abroad in school including Team Uplifting Punjab colleagues. In the workshop Team Uplift Punjab gave detailed information to the students of both the schools.

On that occasion, Nirmal Singh Sahota and his son S. Arvinder Singh Sahota had announced a cash assistance of Rs 25-25 thousand for the students coming first in the 10 + 2 class, so that they can be used at the time of admission to the college.

There is a need to pay special attention to schooling in boys' school to eliminate the inequalities of the two students of the same group of both schools.

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